In Texas, everyone over 12 years of age is now eligible to receive the COVID-19 vaccine. Also, Fort Bend County run COVID-19 vaccine sites now accept walk-up vaccinations! Please click here to view our vaccination sites.

Minor Consent Form: Click here to get the Minor Consent Form if you would like to complete it prior to bringing your child to be vaccinated. All children 12-17 years of age must provide a completed COVID Informed Consent – Minor Form signed by their parent or legal guardian at the vaccination site before they can be vaccinated.  The COVID Informed Consent – Minor Form is also available at each vaccination site to ensure that the child’s parent or legal guardian is able to complete prior to the child being vaccinated.

Please click here to read the Emergency Use Authorization COVID-19 Vaccine Fact Sheets before getting your vaccine.

Fort Bend County HHS is excited that the pause, and research that followed, allowed the CDC and FDA to confirm the safety of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine. This research found that there were only about two cases of the rare clotting disorder were found per every one million doses of Johnson and Johnson vaccine administered. We are committed to providing safe and effective vaccines that will permit our community to return to the activities we have been missing.

Many residents have been waiting for this vaccine to return to distribution. The CDC estimates that using the Johnson and Johnson vaccine in the United States will prevent more than 2,200 ICU admissions and 1,400 deaths in the next six months. Consequently we will make our supply of the Johnson and Johnson vaccines available to the public. As with all vaccines, we will make sure those who receive the Johnson & Johnson vaccine are aware of the risks and benefits. The majority of the vaccine Fort Bend County receives and administers is Pfizer. Residents will continue to receive the COVID-19 vaccine at our locations at no cost or insurance charge.

Volunteer at a FBC COVID-19 Vaccination Site

Community Use of Cloth Masks Help Control the Spread of COVID-19

HHS:   Vaccination Hotline (for questions only) 832-471-1373