Disease Surveillance Epidemiology

Surveillance and epidemiology is assigned the responsibility of detecting, preventing, and controlling infectious and environmentally-related illnesses of public health significance. A unique attribute of infectious diseases is that they can often be minimized if not prevented. Efforts to minimize disease result in lower morbidity and/or mortality.

Surveillance is dependent on reporting and the assistance of personnel in local and regional health departments, physicians, infection control practitioners, and laboratory staff. Many committed health care professionals throughout Fort Bend County contribute to the ongoing reporting of disease.

To report a disease contact Fort Bend County Health & Human Services at 281-342-6414.

Epidemiologic Strategies for Detection of Exposures and Outbreaks

  • A rapid increase in disease incidence
  • A marked increase in people seeking care, especially with fever, respiratory, or gastrointestinal symptoms
  • An endemic disease occurring in an unusual pattern and at an uncharacteristic time
  • Higher rate of cases among people who had been outdoors
  • Clusters of patients arriving from a single location or area
  • Large number of rapidly fatal cases
  • Any patient presenting with an uncommon disease

For a list of notifiable conditions, refer to the PDF attachment below:

Texas Notifiable Conditions 2018